The Amor Story

My slideshow encompasses how I became who I am today as a photographer, but I think my story should tell you about me as a person. And not just me, but my wonderful husband, as he will be a big part of your day too! 

Photography has always been something I loved, I'm talking back to six years old when I would have my friends dress up in front of a curtain so I could pose them and take pictures with a wind up camera. 

I've always loved people. I've always loved the idea of happiness, and I knew that once I found my dream career, it would be surrounded by happiness. Not only my own happiness, but happiness around me as well as happiness created. 

Alex, my sweet husband, absolutely brightens my life and takes it to new heights. Maybe that's cliche to say, but he completes me in ways I couldn't have myself. After all, the Amor story could not have been created without his extremely fitting last name. ;) 

Our job at Simply Amor is to make your day easy, capture the unique love you have, and of course, express it all through happiness. I'm someone who finds it difficult to frown, my lips literally start to twitch when I try to keep a straight face. Here at Simply Amor, we will tell you embarrassing stories, jokes, and I'll even do some of my photographer's yoga in order to capture what we need to. 

I guess if I could express The Amor Story in a simple way, it would be that love and happiness is what we capture.

The Amor Story is based off an incredible happiness of two people.

Two people in love.

And isn't that just what your wedding is all about? 



Samantha and Alex


PS- If you'd loooove to see all the fun things Alex and I do together, maybe get to know us even more, like what we eat to my outfits to me begging Alex that we need a puppy... follow us on Instagram at simplyamorphotography